Tuesday, 14 February 2012

5.5 Beer Production

Understand the role of yeast in the production of beer.

Beer is largely ethanol, an alcohol molecule, is produced from glucose which is broken down to ethanol and carbon dioxide.

Glucose =====Anaerobic Respiration (with the aid of yeast)==> Ethanol + Carbon Dioxide

The ethanol is often flavoured with the addition of plants such as hops which is traditionally added to change the flavour. The glucose comes from starch which is converted into maltose and maltose into glucose. The starch is converted into maltose by amylase and maltose into glucose by maltase. The starch comes from barley seeds, sometimes, wheat seeds and some other types of beer, include rice. The starch is broken down to maltase through the germination of the seed, commonly known as 'malting'.

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