Saturday, 11 February 2012

5.2 Crop Yield

Understand the effects on crop yield of increased carbon dioxide and increased temperature in glasshouses.

Photosynthesis: Carbon Dioxide+Water===Light & Enzyme==> Glucose+Oxygen

Increase in carbon dioxide (substrate) theoretically means that the rate of photosynthesis will increase, resulting in a increasing in crop yield up to a point where it reaches the optimum point of the rate of photosynthesis.
If we increase the temperature, the theory predicts an asymmetrical graph which means if we increase temperature, the rate of photosynthesis increases, resulting in an increase in crop yield. However, after the rate of photosynthesis reaches the optimum, the rate of photosynthesis starts to slow down, as some enzymes denature which decreases total crop yield.

Increase in temperature in a glasshouse can help avoid frost damage and provides constant temperature both of which contribute to an increased crop yield.

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