Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2.29 Digestive Enzymes

Understand the role of digestive enzymes to include the digestion of starch to glucose by amylase and maltase, the digestion of proteins to amino acids by proteases and the digestion of lipids to fatty acids and glycerol by lipases.

Digestive enzymes turns the insoluble food into soluble molecules which can then be absorbed in the bloodstream and then assimilated into our cells. This is promoted by digestive enzymes.

There are three types of this process:

Starch- This molecule is a long chain of glucose molecules, this is insoluble and this forms the main components of food such as rice and potatoes. Amylase is used to break down starch into two molecule structures known as disaccheride  (two molecule sugars)
Maltose- The maltose is digested by maltase into glucose, this is the soluble molecule that can be absorbed by the bloodstream.

Protein- Protein is a chain of amino acids which is broken down by proteases into their monomers - amino acids. The amino acids are then absorbed in the bloodstream and then assimilated into our cells for use.

Lipid - Lipid structure is different than that of carbohydrates and proteins. The lipase breaks the bond between Glycerol and Fatty Acids and forms the two soluble molecules.


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