Tuesday, 3 January 2012

2.27 Stages of Digestion

Understand the processes of ingestion, digestion, absorption, assimilation and egestion.

Location- Mouth, Teeth, Salivary Glands
Brief Summary- The teeth carries out the chewing process which technically is known as mastication, this creates a ball of food [bolus] so we can swallow. The salivary glands add mucus for lubrication and also add the salivary enzymes amylase  which begins to digest the starch.

Location- Small Intestine and to lesser extent Stomach
Brief Summary- This is the stage in which the insoluble food particles are digested to become soluble which is done with the addition of enzymes.

Location- Small Intestine
Brief Summary - In the small intestine there are structures such as the villi/microvilli which absorbs soluble food into our bloodstream. So the nutrients gets absorbed from the gut to the blood.

Location- Tissues/ Organs
Bried Summary- The food now in the blood diffuses into the cells for use.

Location- Rectum/Anus
Brief Summary-  Removal of undigested material. Passing of solid waste.

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