Thursday, 3 November 2011

2.71 Ultrafiltration

Describe ultrafiltration in the Bowman's capsule and the composition of the glomerular filtrate.

In this diagram, we have the same one from 2.70.
  • Nephron's function is to filter blood and ultimately in two things - filtered blood and the waste (urine)
  • The urine is going to emerge at the bottom of the tube and this urine is composed of largely water, salts and also the molecule known as urea (nitrogen waste). The urine goes out into the pelvic region.
  • The first process starts at the bowman's capsule, and the process is called ultrafiltration - the filtration of molecules.
  • The filtration of blood begins with blood comming in through the afferent arteriole and this blood is in high pressure. It is then twisted and branched and becomes much, much smaller (glomerulus) and comes out through the blood vessel efferent arteriole which the diameter of this vessel is smaller than the afferent arteriole.
  • The high pressure forces the liquid (plasma) and plasma contains all the substance contained in blood for example water, salts, amino acids, glucose and urea. These are all forced out from the blood into the space, the inside of the bowman's capsule.
  • When the plasma is forced into bowman's capsule, we call this filtrate and because it is in the glomerulus we call this glomerula filtrate.
  • The blood has been filtered due to high pressure because of the smaller area of the blood vessel.

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