Thursday, 17 November 2011

2.58 Role of Plasma

Understand the role of plasma in the transport of carbon dioxide, digested food, urea, hormones and heat energy.

  • As previously noted, blood is 55% composed of plasma and 45% cells. Plasma is mainly composed of water and the water properties that makes it import is that it is a solvent and a fluid
  • The transportation of carbon dioxide is carried in the plasma dissolved in a form of hydrogen carbonate ions  and some carbon dioxide directly. 
  • Digested food takes the form of soluble sugars and amino acids, which can be transported to the cells through the plasma.
  • Waste molecules such as Urea involved in excretion, are also transported from the liver to the kidney dissolved in the plasma of blood. 
  • In communication terms, blood carries signals from the body through hormones such as ADH, Insulin and Glucagon.
  • Another good property of water is that it is very good at carrying heat so becomes important in maintaining body temperature.

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