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3.9 b Female Reproductive System

Recall the structure and function of the male and female reproductive systems

Before the pregnancy occurs, the size of the uterus is no larger than an orange. Don't confuse this with the large size of the pregnant women's uterus.

  • Where meiosis occurs
  • Production of Eggs
Oviducts (fallopian tubes)
  • Carry eggs to uterus
  • where fertilization might take place
  • wall of uterus made from muscle
  • this is the part that will stretch during pregnancy and contract during giving birth
Lining of the Uterus
  • Accepts and develops the fertilizing eggs which will develop into the embryo then into the child
  • develop of the placenta also happens here
  • Entrance to the uterus
Uterus space
  • Where sperm cells move and where the egg cells move
  • where embryo is developed into a unborn child
  • Where penis is introduced at the end and where sperm cells enter the uterus
  • collects the sperm cells and allow them to pass through the cervix then into the uterus

Diagram of a female reproductive system:

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