Thursday, 9 June 2011

4.13 Greenhouse gases

Understand how human activities contribute to the greenhouse gases.

Human activities such as burning of fossil fuels result in more formation of carbon dioxide, nitrous dioxides and sulphur dioxides (Co2,NO2,SO2). Burning of fossil fuels could be burning coal in coal fire power stations, vehicles burning petroleum and can be categorized into Industrial, Cars, Domestic Combustion. Farming such as cattle ranching can emit methane (CH4) gas to the atmosphere (9% estimated), crops rotting could also increase the amount of methane in the atmosphere. Evaporation of water turning them into water vapour also contributes a lot to the greenhouse gas. Refrigeration/Solvent/CFC[combination of chlorine,carbon,fluorine] are catalysing the break down of the ozone layer. (is not a greenhouse gas though)
% of Human Contributed Greenhouse gases by sector

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